The more I think of things, the less I understand.

I am low on sugar, anyone got some food?

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This is the only contribution to Shark Week I shall make, as I am a fan of the whales and do protest their being skipped at the “animals deserving weeks” meeting.

This and other awesome animal illustrations (most wearing clothes = haha) are done by Ryan Berkley and prints are sold over at his Etsy shop. Good on you, Ryan.

Said of the Great White:

Once a popular jazz pianist, this shark has most recently become a song and dance showman. His voice has been described as “a cross between Louis Armstrong and Kenny Rogers”. Unfortunately his fierce temper has limited his gigs to biker bars and convict picnics.

Said of the Hammerhead:

This hammerhead brings a specially designed chair to movies and parades that allows him to sit sideways. He gets a great view with one eye but the people directly behind him tend to get a little creeped out.

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#....... I guess I don't want to get near water anymore


I need to throw myself into a giant tub of water.

Yeah the right word for that is “swimming pool”, I know.

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/Hello, dead dash. It has been an hour. How dare you die on me Violet?

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#ooc post

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#lurking was never an option

blondebowandarrow replied to your post:
You’re not helping.

Never said I was!

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[grins happily, sitting on a chair waiting for his ice cream] What are you saying, you want my autograph on your arrows?

-calls back from the kitchen, rummaging through the freezer- Only if I get to stab you with it after. 

[shrugs, still grinning] Sorry babe, won’t happen! You wouldn’t do it, anyway.

Do you really want to test that theory? Because I’ve got no problems with proving you wrong. 

Pfff, you technically can’t, and you wouldn’t truly hurt me. I mean, come on, you want Roy to shout “mole” again?

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